Understanding Depression


A lot of people may know depression as mere sadness. Everyone feels sad from time to time, but this disorder lasts longer than a moment of sadness. Understanding what this is, what its causes are and how to deal with it is important for those who have such despair and don’t.

What is it?

Depression is caused by a combination of things like chemical reactions in the body, mental issues, environment, negative persons, social activities etc. in simple words, it is much more than sadness, which lasts only for a short period of time. People describe this order as living in a black hole as well. However, it is important to know that this constitutes not only of feelings of sadness. When taking the example of men, it is understood that they may only have feelings of anger, anguish and aggressiveness. Feelings of helplessness, hopelessness and worthlessness are usual at such times.

How do you know it?

The symptoms for depression can be found through means like counselling in Armadale, a doctor’s visit and simply self-diagnosing it. The common features are feelings of continuing sadness for longer periods that usual, unexplainable feelings of worthlessness, appetite and weight changes, loss of energy, anger and irritability, reckless behaviour, lack of concentration towards things, people and oneself and unexplainable aches and pains. As much as is it hard to admit to it, it is easier to take a visit to a doctor than having to read through these symptoms online or in a book and confirming it by yourself.

Can it be treated?

Depression is a disorder that can be treated successfully with the right procedures and practices. There are licensed health professionals who study the field of mental illnesses as such and can treat the patient competently. However, as there is a stigma against treating such mental illnesses and disorders, one must completely be able to acknowledge that depression is also a health related issue like cancer, leukaemia etc. Treatments like medication and counselling are the common solutions. It is also important to understand that feelings of isolation can worsen the condition, and thus is it best to seek treatment.

What are the causes?

Depression is much more complicated as compared to diagnosing diabetes type 1 or appendicitis. Once the cause is found, medication can be consumed. However, in such a disorder it is hard to diagnose the symptoms due to the many causes. As said earlier, experts believe that depression is caused as a result of a reaction of chemical, biological and psychological factors. The points mentioned below tend to make a person more vulnerable to this. Financial issues, loneliness, abuse in relationships, childhood trauma and abuse, health problems and chronic alcohol usage and other related issues are a few steps towards the despair being caused.